5 Reasons why Russia will win the Gold Medal

Article written by Simon Mushailov - Community Contributor

5 Reason why Russia will win the Gold Medal

  1. According to Dmitri Chesnokov, Pavel Datsyuk has turned down the captaincy of almost every team he has been on since he was 12, including the red wings captaincy. That being said, He is the captain of the Russian Sochi team. Wouldn’t you bet on the team Datsyuk finally decides to captain?

  2. The notes on Russian players have always included “Lazy”, “Defensive liability”, “Unmotivated” but also “highly skilled.” The former will quickly dissipate with the hometown crowd. If home ice advantage was a factor anywhere it definitely is in the Olympics. (See: Vancouver)

  3. Their goalies include the most recent NHL Vezina winner who also backstopped his team to a 15-2 record in the last 17 games, Sergei Bobrovsky and one the hottest goalies in the NHL in, Semyon Varlamov, who has been groomed for years to be the cornerstone between the Russian pipes.

  4. Alexander Ovechkin: 40 Goals in the NHL. Next closest? Phil Kessel: 31 Goals. ‘nuff said.

  5. And finally, do you really want to be on this guy’s bad side?

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